Sunday, 11 September 2011

Unfinished Basement: Main Area

AFTER: Main area of our unfinished basement

behind those curtains is the laundry area

oh yeah, that shelving there with pictures is the one that we got from my mother in law, she was gonna throw it so we took it. When my husband and I assembled it,  first I put it right beside the couch, then beside the TV, then finally beside the  hibernating treadmill. 

That's how I decorated the main area of our unfinished basement. I still want to add a rug sometime and maybe add some shades to the lighting. I didn't buy any furnitures at all for this project. All of the furnitures are all our old furnitures except for the shelving that we got from my mother in law. I refused to buy. Like the TV, speakers and drawer in this picture, that's my husbands when he was still single. The only thing I had to pay for , for decorating our unfinished basement is the fabric from ikea. From home depot, I bought the two concrete floor sealer, two concrete paint for basement ( I still have some left),  wood used for curtains, hooks, and a bunch of twistys. If you need furnitures, if you're a huge cheapskate like me, buy from secondhand/used furniture stores. Do your research because some secondhand/used furniture stores can still be a bit pricey for a used furniture. Garage sales, online too, there are so many different websites that sell used furnitures for a really good price. But hold on! hold your horses! before thinking of buying why not look around your house, maybe there are furnitures that you stock in the garage or hidden in the attic that you can use. If you don't have any, you can go ask around, your parents, sisters, friends, co-workers maybe they have furnitures that they have been thinking of throwing, it maybe a perfect match for your project. Maybe its not perfect yet but you can make it perfect with a little bit of painting here and there. It doesn't hurt to ask. 

Anyways, It may seem that this project is done, but its not! I have the laundry area, you know behind the curtains. That's why its behind the curtains because its still ugly. Then the low headroom area which we are turning into an office/craft area. But after all the work I did in the main area, I guess I deserve to put down my tool bag for now and enjoy my work for now.

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  1. I just came back from Home Depot. We moved to a new house with an unfinished basement and used it for storage all this time. But i need to make it look pretty for my daughter's 2nd birthday party by the end of this month... Your blog is a great inspiration. My ideas are pretty much same as yours. I dont stitch, so am thinkin go of stapling the end of plain cloth to make it like curtain.. :) I am going to buy concrete paint tomorrow. But do u think the sealer is better for the floor? Thank u so much for the post anyway...

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  3. Found the photos from this post used in a funny fake news article, were you aware?

  4. Feye
    My basement looks like your before, did yours lead before work. What type curtain rods did you use.

  5. what kind of curtain did you use?

  6. I want to use your curtain idea for my garage. I plan to turn it into a boutique. What rods did you use. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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  8. Where did you find your long curtains? I am having trouble finding them long enough to cover down to the floor! And could you explain how you mounted them? Thanks so much!!