Sunday, 4 September 2011

Unfinished Basement :Decorating

Even before we moved to our house, I already have major plans for our unfinished basement. I know i'm gonna have to fix it without having it fully finished because I  know we don't have the budget for it. But I really really want to fix it and make it look prettier than some fully finished basements. How can I possibly turn this unfinished basement to a usable space and make it look good without the framing and drywall. Every time I go to our unfinished basement, I think of my big plans for it, but the harder I look at it, I was beginning to doubt myself. And on top of that, I had to come up with a plan that I can turn our unfinished basement into a usable space on a shoestring budget! goodluck with that! Ah Well, I had a dream of making it pretty, so I did it my way! on a shoestring budget!

This is how our unfinished basement looked like before we even moved to our house.
That is the space under the stairs, looks like a storage for me. Right?
That is going to be the Laundry area
Main area of the unfinished basement. 
When you go down to the basement, going to your right is this kind of a low-ish headroom area and through that door is a cold room. Call it whatever you want, its a storage room for me.
Then we moved in....
with all our stuff more like my husbands stuff and my daughters
this is the hallway. The first thing you see when you come down to the basement. More of our stuff.  Bins! bins! bins!

this is how the low headroom area looks like now. We will turn this into a work/craft area sometime soon . Dont worry I will show how that turned out.

The other side of the work/craft area. Lots of crap! I wanna cry!

The laudry area now.

This is the main area now. I started painting the wall white using concrete paint on the side. Before I  started anything else in our unfinished basement first thing I did is I painter the concrete floors with a basement floor sealer that I bought from home depot. Go to the paint section and ask them for a basement floor sealer. 

For the walls, I used a concrete paint for basements.  This is the first coat of paint I did on the wall . I had to do it few more times. I made sure I painted it thick to cover the holes in the concrete walls.

I really used the space under the stairs as a storage. As you can see our treadmill is hibernating in there which used to be resting in the middle of the basement! yeah thats how I workout! :-)

This is how I covered the walls. Since framing, insulation and drywall is out of the picture, this is how I covered the walls of our unfinished basement.

Materials: hooks, twisty, wood,  and fabric.
The fabric, I sew it into curtains. If you want to make it easier you can use white plastic and you dont even have to hang it like curtains. You can staple it into the wall. If sewing is not an option, you can still use fabric, get the right measurements and staple it into the walls. I used white fabric and paint. I want to make the unfinished basement as bright as possible.  
From dark concrete grey walls with all walls covered and painted.  It is now bright as a sunshine! Our little princess can now play! 

Its not even done yet and she's taken ownership already! 

tadaaaa!!!! this is how the main area looks now!

All the walls in the main area are all covered and painted. Crap mostly set aside, donated, recycled or thrown out. But this project is still far from over. I need furnitures to put those crap that you see on the floor. I have a cabinet waiting for me at my mother in laws house. Its free! yey! see you on my next blog when I'm done decorating our unfinished basement. 
hey let me know what you think!


  1. Hello Zoe
    I wish you lived nearby, I could pay you to help me. This is exactly what I need to do to makeover my basement without a lot of fanfare. I am going to try to do the curtains from sheets it possible.

  2. Love it...
    My once gorgeous finished basement got destroyed from Hurricane Sandy..
    I cant afford to finish it again!! I am going to try the curtain walls !!!
    wish me luck

    Claire L

  3. I am beginning redecorating my house and love the ideas! I really want to make
    my basement a fun place to hang out. I want to look adorable but also have functional
    benefits and maybe even a mini refrigerator!

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    1. Heh. That assumes this is actually the original source of these photos. So many junk websites that have these photos... good reason to always watermark stuff you care about. That said though... it does appear to be the oldest instance of them that comes up in a google reverse image search.

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